Our equipment and lawn care specialist can keep and maintain your commercial property well trimmed.  We serve many commercial clients who trust us for the way we keep their property looking new.

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Lawn Services

The Horizon team is equipped to perform tree service so that your trees are healthy and not a hazard. We begin work after talking with you about your needs. We can plant trees, prune existing trees, and provide stump grinding.

 Our tree services include:

  • Planting Trees
  • Specialized Pruning
  • Deep Root Zone Injection Fertilization
  • Regular Treatments to Prevent Insects and Mites
  • Proper Watering
  • Tree and Stump Removal
 Oak Tree in Magnolia, Texas

When it's time for a Horizon tree crew, then fill out the online form or call us.

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Lawn Service

Proper mowing is an important practice in maintaining a desirable lawn. The critical factors are height of cut, frequency of mowing and maintenace of equipment.

Grass should be mowed frequently enough that no more than 1/3 of the grass blade is removed. If the desired cutting height is 2.5 to 3 inches, the grass should be cut before it is 4 inches high.

We offer a variety of maintenance packages to suit your needs and budget.

For an additional charge, weed removal, shrub trimming and fertilization can be added to any of the packages listed above. 

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We strive to disrupt your life and landscape as little as possible during the installation process. Most of our sprinkler system installations take one day to complete.

Work begins at 8:00 a.m.
Completed the same day.

When it's time to install a sprinkler system, please allow a professional installation team like Horizon do the work. You'll be glad you did. From design to completion, Horizon brings the best installation team and modern equipment to your house or business establishment. Talk to your neighbors about how much money and time they have saved from the installation of a sprinkler system.

Reasons to Choose a Lawn Sprinkler System from Horizon Lawn & Landscape, Inc.

1. Our sprinkler system design takes into account the size of your property, the water needs of the planting in each area, the available water pressure and capacity, the number of water zones needed and the required length and diameter of the water line to each sprinkler head. Our systems are engineered.

2. Horizon installs your sprinkler system at the proper depth to avoid freeze damage.

3. Horizon’s sprinkler heads are durable; they stand up to common “bumps and bruises”. We use flexible poly extension on our heads and copper risers to connect them to the PVC pipe below ground.

4. Horizon uses the highest-quality parts available. Rain Bird and Hunter are our preferred products.

5. Rain sensors are installed on each job. A Horizon sprinkler system shuts itself off when it rains. When the weather dries, the system comes back on – automatically.

6. No dry spots! Your sprinkler system will cover your yard completely, with the correct number of heads for the correct amount of water. More heads are not necessarily better.

7. We clean the yard, sidewalk and driveway so they look as nice when we finished as when we started.

8. You can count of Horizon’s warranty. What good is a warranty if the company that installed your sprinkler system is out of business the next season? Horizon has been in business since 1997, right in your area.

9. Once the installation of your sprinkler system is complete, we will spend time with you explaining how to operate all of the components of your system.

10. We are licensed by Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC). In order to maintain our license we must complete continuing education courses to ensure we are up-to-date on industry trends. (Licensed Irrigator #8587).

11. We are Licensed. (Irrigator #8587)

Remember, all sprinkler systems are not created equal. Thank you for considering Horizon Lawn & Landscape, Inc. Please read our General Terms and Conditions.

 When you are ready for a really nice sprinkler system at an affordable price, then fill out the online form or call us.

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Whether you need a sprinkler system installed or repaired, Horizon Lawn is knowledgeable and skilled at repairing all systems. We provide help tuning your control panel. We repair broken heads and leaks. Schedule a time with our office.


Irrigation Installation

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